Sorbetto is a water based frozen Italian dessert. Ours are all nautarl, dairy and glutten free. Most have zero percent fat and are an excellent choice for people looking for a sweet bite that will not derail their diet.

Chocolate Noir:

  • To help accurately describe this darker than dark chocolate sorbetto we have christened it Chocolate Noir. We mate super premium Belgian dark chocolate with even deeper Dutch cocoa powder. No milk or cream is allowed to get in the way of this celebration of chocolate decadency. It is smooth and creamy and deeply satisfying.

Raspberry Chocolate Noir:

  • For this sinfully delicious recipe we start with our award winning Chocolate Noir to which we infused the essence of raspberry as a contrasting note to help highlight this sorbetto’s chocolaty intensity. It is sure to be every chocoholic’s new obsession.


  • This flavor starts and ends with local field fresh strawberries and seemingly freezes summer for later consumption. Delicious sun ripened strawberries take center stage for this slightly tart sorbetto.

Passion Fruit:

  • Bright and citrusy with an intoxicating tropical aroma this sorbeto pulls double duty cleansing the pallet or finishing off a heavy meal.


  • With our mango sorbetto the tropics are never further away than your freezer. We use 100% Alphonso mangos and nothing else to flavor this bright and juicy sorbetto. This is a show stopper and is definitely habit forming impossible to just have one taste.