Shop to Shop Packages

Gelato is a delicious compliment to retail environments and an excellent source of revenue for a wide range of retail venues, including chocolate shops, yogurt shops and bakeries. Gelato Petrini offers branded shop in shop concepts with special marketingservices for partners who desire to promote the Gelato Petrini brand.

Packages include:

  • Assistance in choosing a proper gelato showcase*
  • Access to elegant and affordable specialty Italian cups and spoons
  • Gelato flavor recommendations based on demographics of local clientele
  • Showcase ready pans
  • Gelato training courses by our gelatiere (how to promote gelato, proper scooping techniques, cupping, gelato pan decoration and maintenance)
  • Marketing materials including:
    • Gelato flavor tags
    • Nutritional facts for each flavor
    • Gelato vs. Ice Cream Comparisons
    • Scripts for employees (selling techniques)

*Gelato Petrini does not sell or take fees on gelato showcases, but we will honestly recommend the ideal showcase for individual store needs.