Our Team

Mauro Petrini

  • Position: Gelatiere
  • Favorite flavor: Cassata Siciliana
  • Hometown: Saronno, Italy
  • Best Italian moment: When I saw Dawn for the first time. She was sitting at her desk at Monte dei Paschi di Siena, where we both worked. I walked up to her, so nervous, and asked her if she was an intern and if she planned on staying.
  • Personal Quote: “I love when people taste my gelato and ask me what makes it so good. I am truly proud of what I have been able to accomplish here in the United States in such a short time. I honestly believe I have captured the essence of authentic Italian gelato, unique recipes and local, fresh ingredients.”

Jim Cohen

  • Position: President
  • Favorite flavor: Lychee
  • Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
  • Best Italian moment:  Three things make a great Italian evening.  A wonderful restaurant off the beaten path, a fine bottle of wine, and the pleasant company of family and friends.
  • Personal Quote: “I spent the last 20 years developing luxury residential properties, but have never had a product quite as luxurious as our Gelato…”

Koby Cohen

  • Position: Chief Operating Officer
  • Favorite flavor: Thai Tea
  • Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
  • Best Italian moment: So many…but hard to beat a picnic lunch in Umbria on a clear day after truffle hunting.
  • Personal Quote: “My road here has been long and winding. I have been involved in everything from real estate to venture capital and from fast casual franchise development to ski instruction. The only real constant in my life has always been a love of food; and not just good food, but delicious and diverse flavors that beg to be shared with friends and family. I am and always will be a foodie at heart, with a real passion for the artisanal crafts. So when I tasted Chef Mauro’s superior gelato I was transported back to my Italian travels and realized that this was an opportunity to be a part of something very special.”

Dawn Wolstein Petrini

  • Position: Sales and Marketing
  • Favorite flavor: Aztec Chocolate (but a toss-up, because Chocolate Orange is crazy good too)
  • Hometown: Dunedin, Florida
  • Best Italian moment: First date with Mauro at the museum of torture instruments in San Gimignano, followed by dinner at a small enoteca of cheese, wine and bruschetta.
  • Personal Quote: “My passion for gelato comes second only to my passion for Italy, its rich cultural heritage and the people who I am lucky to call family. I was fortunate enough to have lived there for 12 wonderful years where I experienced the best of what Italy has to offer, including its variety of regional cuisines. One of my favorite plates is strangozzi with tartufo nero (black truffle), a signature dish served at Trattoria Tipica al Palazzaccio, the restaurant owned and managed by Mauro’s grandmother and aunts, located in Umbria.”

Dan Fugere:

  • Position: Production Manager
  • Favorite flavor: Cassata Siciliana
  • Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida
  • Best Italian moment: Being that my main gelato producing machine is programmed in Italian, my favorite Italian moment would have to be realizing that I was learning Italian just through the course of work. Mamma Mia!
  • Personal Quote: “At the age of 16 I made the personal decision to start being Kosher and have remained so for over 21 years. During this time I have also always been a foodie at heart who truly believes “the spicier the better.”

Jeff DiBartolo

  • Position: Partner
  • Favorite flavor: Nobody beats our Pistachio
  • Hometown: Lake Charles, LA
  • Best Italian moment: Simply walking down the street in Taormina and having a little old Siciliano come up to me and ask “Sei Italiano? Sei Siciliano?” I was very happy to know I looked like a native Italian and not a tourist…
  • Personal Quote: “I am an Italian American and a citizen of both countries. In my professional life I am a financial executive and an investor and I’m very happy to be an investor in a company that is bringing the best of Italy to the United States.”