Our Gelato Master

Mauro Petrini

Gelato Petrini is a dream come true for Gelatiere, Mauro Petrini. Mauro left his home in Milan, Italy to carry on a long family tradition in the culinary arts: Mauro’s maternal grandparents Nonno Piero and Nonna Sandra started a well-known family restaurant in Spoleto called Trattoria da Piero al Palazzaccio www.alpalazzaccio.it . The Trattoria is currently run and managed by his three lovely aunts Nicla, Danila and Teresa. On his father’s side, Zio Luciano began producing gelato in 1957 in a sleepy, medieval town called Stroncone, about an hour and a half from Rome. Mauro’s Zio Giorgio owns an ancient but still functioning Frantoio or oil press. He and his son, Stefano, press the olives for a cooperative of olive farmers in the province of Terni.

Prior to moving to America, Mauro fine-tuned his culinary skills by studying under and collaborating with the gelato masters at Italy’s finest dessert school, Artigeniale. Always looking to further perfect his skills, Mauro teamed up with Gelateria Flipet, a well-known gelato shop just outside the city of Torino, considered to be one of Italy’s gelato capitals. Mauro is also personal friends with Maestro Gelatiere, Gabriella Marguglia, and Giovanni Borello, a well-known food scientist specialized in dairy products. Both from Alba, Italy. Gabriella and Giovanni, are important point of references for all things gelato.Mauro’s gelati and sorbetti have been referenced in a number of national magazines and newspapers, including Specialty Food Magazine.

Chef Mauro’s hard work paid off in September of 2010, when Monica Viani, a well-known Italian food journalist, wrote an article about Mauro’s gelati. The article appeared in Dolce Salato, one of Italy’s premier culinary magazines.

Since then, Mauro Petrini has gained local and national notoriety for his decadent gelati and sorbetti.
We are proud to introduce Mauro Petrini and his gelato to the US.

A message from Mauro…

“I am so proud of my Italian heritage and its wonderful culinary traditions. I invite you to experience my gelato, a truly authentic Italian product inspired by some of the greatest gelatiere in Italy, including my Zio Luciano.

My recipes are perfectly balanced using local and natural ingredients, resulting in a high quality and creamy product with an amazing flavor profile.

Buon Appetito!”