Gelato Vs. Ice Cream

The main difference is that gelato is a healthy alternative to ice cream, having less than half the fat. Ice cream can contain up to 22% fat. Mauro’s gelato contains between 0% and 8% fat.

Another difference is that ice cream is generally produced using a limited number of ingredients, Mauro can make gelato out of anything, from avocados to dried fruit to yams to hazelnuts. Just ask him and he will show you how he does it.


There is an immense difference between Italian ice and Gelato. Italian Ice is a purely American invention that is somewhat similar to the Grattacheca, which is merely shaved ice topped with flavored syrups. You may have tasted a Grattacheca during your last trip to Rome. Grattacheca is generally sold on scorching summer days by singing vendors pulling small wood carts supporting a block of ice and syrup bottles. The vendors shave the ice with a special ice pick, place the ice into a plastic cup and smother it with flavored syrups.

As a natural alternative to artificially flavored Italian Ices, Mauro offers you the famous Sicilian Granita. Sicilian Granita is similar to sorbet in that it is made using fresh fruit and water. The difference between Granita and sorbet is the size of the ice crystals. While sorbets tend to be light and fluffy, Granita is a bit heavier and has an icier, colder feel to the palate. The most popular flavors of Granita are coffee, lemon, orange, mint and almond.


For those dessert lovers who may be lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy products, Mauro has developed special recipes substituting milk with water, rice, almond and soy milk. For gelato lovers who need to limit their sugar intake, 100% natural sugar substitutes can be used