Cholov Yisroel Gelato

Belgian Milk Chocolate:

  • We are dark chocoholics so this flavor is a labor of love. Deep, rich and creamy are the hallmarks for this recipe. Premium dark chocolate and superior cocoa is fused with fresh dairy to yield your next chocolate obsession.

Mint Chip:

  • In Italy everyone and their Nonna has a recipe for cannoli cream and this is ours.  It is a traditional and much beloved recipe from the area of Palermo, Sicily. It is made with real ricotta cheese, marzapan (almond) paste and candied fruit.  We have painstakingly formulated this recipe to reflect our love for this pastry. It is considered to be one of our signature flavors and is always a quick trip home for Italian expats or tourist. The gelato is rich and has a slightly floral flavor from the almonds and is studded beautifully with dried tart cherries, cranberries, golden raisins and miniature chocolate chips.

Gianduia (Chocolate Hazelnut):

  • We let our Conch Republic flag fly with our key lime pie.   A time honored recipe that is both tart and sweet it is everything that true key lime pie should be. And while you should not have to ask…we do use condensed milk and real lime juice..


  • Our take on a deconstructed cappuccino.  True Ceylon cinnamon is used to spice up this gelato.  We then blend in fresh milk and cream to help temper some of the heat and bring out cinnamon’s softer side.  Finally we fold in these beautiful dark roasted espresso chips that transform the ordinary into the totally sublime.